Wisdom Teeth

I go into the hospital tomorrow at around 7:45 am to get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. Because of my jaw problems (major TMJ) my dentist decided that he’d have to put me to sleep, which is really the only way to go. I can hardly open my jaw and when it is open it get’s really sore and tired really fast. We talked quite a bit about how best to keep it from being too painful when I wake up and from giving me really bad headaches. They’re going to try to manage the pain as best they can when in the hospital and I’ve been prescribed muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory meds to start taking tonight.

So, fingers crossed that tomorrow won’t suck too bad. I’m used to getting put to sleep so that’s no big deal and I don’t freeze well so it’s probably all for the best that that’s how it’s being done. My bottom two teeth are completely sideways so he’s going to cut them in four and pull them out that way. They’re more than likely going to have to put a catheter in while I’m asleep because the anesthetic gives me urinary retention (as does everything these days). But, I’d rather they get that over with than me having to come back later in the day to get it done. It was also suggested to me that I mention to my dentist the fact that people with Marfan Syndrome tend to dislocate more easily than others, so that he’s more careful with my jaw. Yikes.

Anyways, I’ll let you know how it goes. If it goes well you’ll probably be hearing from me tomorrow.