Venom & Whiskey

I’d tell you that your crazy but, well, who am I to know?
You’ve been running ’round in places that the manics only go.
By 1:00am you’re wasted and by eight you’ve had your fun.
I wonder if it’s normal or if you’re the only one.

You’re talking to the devil while he plays you for a fool,
I wonder if you fake it, or if you really are this cruel.
Your eyes are getting heavy but you’re resigned to stay awake,
You test and test my limits, prodding how much can you take?

Just when I think you’re hopeless, a body without soul,
Your eyes come back to haunt me, while your lies, they take their toll.
Maybe I’ll pick up the bottle, right where you last left it,
And drink away my thoughts of you until I’ve forgotten every bit.

I’m learning all your rules now and I know just what they mean,
I’ll save my doubts for later, and hope that you come clean.
You’re in the other room now and you’re screaming your objection,
Angry that I have the venom to accuse you of deception.

The echoes in the hall, still linger the next morning.
You took your coat and headed out, but left me with a warning.
Square one again so I decide to sleep the fear away.
Knowing that I’ve trespassed, and that I’m going to pay.


Apologies, sort of.

Maybe I am sorry,
For all of the things that I said.
It’s been hard for me to think straight,
But the night does clear my head.

It’s different, being lonely,
It’s where I feel at home.
Sometimes your presence scares me,
Because I’ve spent so long alone.

I’d drag you through the kicking and screaming,
But I’ll always be the same.
Trying so hard to keep you out,
Because I’m the one to blame.

Maybe I’m not meant for this,
It’s always you that’s trying.
You could take my word, “I can change”,
But it’s my lies you’d be buying.

The best thing I’ll ever do for you;
Close the blinds and lock my door.
Maybe one day you’ll understand,
I just couldn’t hurt you anymore.


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