The finished piece.

I finally finished this drawing! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end. I really took my time with this one and I got to try out a lot of different techniques and tools that I’ve never used before. I apologize for the huge shadow at the top, the graphite is really reflective in some spots (especially the hair and beneath the chin) and it was practically impossible to find lighting in the house that wouldn’t bring out the shine.


I randomly found the reference photo that I used for this on this website. It’s an absolutely stunning picture, which immediately made me want to draw it as best I could.

ope you all had a good weekend. xx

A drawing.

I haven’t been able to do much drawing at all the past couple of months but this is one of the two things I managed to turn out.


I really like the toned paper I got! I wish it was a bit smoother though.

Joshua James portrait drawing

I’m a huge fan of Joshua James’ music. So, I decided he’d be my next portrait subject! I think that there’s still some work I’d like to do to this one – if I ever get around to it!


Foy Vance drawing.

The title pretty much says it all. This is a portrait drawing of the incredible Foy Vance. I started this quite a while ago but haven’t had time to finish it until yesterday/today. For the last bit of this one I got to try out my new Faber-Castell perfection eraser pencil. They’re awesome for highlights and you can sharpen them to a pretty sharp point for the fine details. I’m really liking it so far.

Foy Vance

Side note: He was wearing a hat in the actual picture so I didn’t cut it off at the forehead to avoid drawing the hair ;) But admittedly I did pick a photo of him sans facial hair for that very reason.

Shading, shading, shading!

Almost done, just need to do the lower lashes and some touching up!


Vivien Leigh minimal.

I’m not doing so well as far as pain goes, so, for the moment I’m just going to post another one of my drawings. This isn’t my favorite drawing but I was quite happy with how the depth and shading of the eyes turned out. Eyes are by far my favorite feature to draw.

Elizabeth Taylor minimal.

Minimals are the perfect solution to my short attention span and pain problems. I can complete a drawing without spending nearly as much time on it and still have it look presentable. It may not be as good as the fully detailed and shaded thing but hey, it works well for me.


Work in progress.

Here’s a drawing that I’ve been working on. It’s definitely not finished (in particular the hair, left side) but it’s getting there. I’m slightly apathetic to how this one turns out because I damaged it, note the big fold mark across the top right corner.