I realize why I’ve been running for so long,
Long passed my breathless lungs,
Miles further than my broken limbs would carry me.

I can’t stop, don’t stop, just carry on.
Alive, untouchable, invincible.
My beating heart and heavy breath, alone in the great wide world.

With blistered heals, and splintered shins.
The sun’s farewell on my shoulders,
The wild, open road at my feet.

Carry On Home

A kiss of death upon this land,
I feel I’ve walked for miles.
My feet are aching to the bone,
From marching me through trials.

Through lips so parched and eyes so blind,
The weakness creeps it’s way.
I fear that though I’ve long to go,
I cannot last the day.

The wind calls out to rest my legs,
And soon I lay in dust.
The light of death takes hold of me,
“No, carry on, you must”.

With blistered hands I find my way,
For I have seen the light.
And I know that when my time does come,
Each breath was worth the fight.


Venom & Whiskey

I’d tell you that your crazy but, well, who am I to know?
You’ve been running ’round in places that the manics only go.
By 1:00am you’re wasted and by eight you’ve had your fun.
I wonder if it’s normal or if you’re the only one.

You’re talking to the devil while he plays you for a fool,
I wonder if you fake it, or if you really are this cruel.
Your eyes are getting heavy but you’re resigned to stay awake,
You test and test my limits, prodding how much can you take?

Just when I think you’re hopeless, a body without soul,
Your eyes come back to haunt me, while your lies, they take their toll.
Maybe I’ll pick up the bottle, right where you last left it,
And drink away my thoughts of you until I’ve forgotten every bit.

I’m learning all your rules now and I know just what they mean,
I’ll save my doubts for later, and hope that you come clean.
You’re in the other room now and you’re screaming your objection,
Angry that I have the venom to accuse you of deception.

The echoes in the hall, still linger the next morning.
You took your coat and headed out, but left me with a warning.
Square one again so I decide to sleep the fear away.
Knowing that I’ve trespassed, and that I’m going to pay.


Waiting for the will.

I’ve come to a bridge,
Now, it’s time to make a choice.
Not knowing whether it’s fear that stays me,
Or some inner voice.

Running out of excuses to turn back,
While waiting for the will to step forward.
I stand at this bridge,
And it’s time to make a choice.


Summer’s beauty.

She was afraid of what she’d find when she looked in the mirror. Deep in her eyes was a truth that had so long sat dormant that eventually even she had all but forgotten it’s existence. 

She had chosen to believe instead, that her reflection was not one worth summoning and that it held no beauty, no hope and no promise.

I wondered how she could not see it; that she was no less than a flower, delicate, but undeniably beautiful in it’s fragility.

So much so that like a welcomed summer, my life would feel absolutely incomplete in it’s absence.


To Feel, Alive

His sleeves, stained red, with self hatred and an endless need to punish himself,
Desperately searching, grasping, dying,
To feel, to feel, to feel alive.

He wears his scars for the world to see, why should he care?
They know nothing of his suffering. They know nothing of the lengths he must go,
To feel, to feel, to feel alive.

He remembers a time, smooth skin, still innocent of the trials of a tortured soul,
Innocent of a boy who doesn’t belong, who would do anything to find meaning,
And to feel, to feel, to feel alive.

To what end must he mar himself, when no matter how many drops of sorrow paint the floor,  
It is never enough to truly allow him his peace,
And to feel, to feel, to feel alive.