Who doesn’t love a kitten?

I’ll tell you who: my Sally cat.

We had to kitten-sit this little guy overnight while his parents were out of town and I’m pretty sure Sally thought the world had ended! 





A cat and duck tale.


Sally cuddling with Ducky in her osteoarthritis friendly heated bed I made her. Her joints seem to be bothering her a lot so I made it on the ground so she wouldn’t have to climb up. She has to be in whatever room I am, always! Even if she’s just sleeping near me. If I get up to go to the washroom or to grab a drink when she’s dead asleep she’s still on my heels within minutes. She prefers to sleep on me but a lot of the time between the two of us and our ages (haha!) it’s too uncomfortable.



Another Tuesday night.

IMG 0135

My old buddy, always keeping me company when I’m down. Today consists of extreme back pain, a headache and cuddles…and hopefully some drawing/coloring.

Never forgotten.

Miss you my old friend. I can’t remember a time before you were a part of our family.

Introducing: The Boss

This is my Sally cat. I’ve had her for almost fifteen years – since I was 4. For practically that entire 15 years she’s spent her nights sleeping on my head. She takes every chance she can get to sit on me, she has a large canned cat food obsession, she’s very vocal from years of being chatted to and she’s starting to show early signs of dementia, but, she’s still the happiest cat I’ve ever seen. I absolutely adore her.