A happy birthday it was.



I got to spend some time with my little buddies – a perfect way to spend a birthday! :)


Birthday flowers :)

Summer time and my last official day as a teenager!


I love, love, love all of the flowers everywhere! I think the orange ones are my favorite but it’s hard to choose.

I’m spending my last ever day as a teenager taking it easy at home – not exciting, I know, but I’m enjoying it none the less. No partying for this girl lol! 

Summer’s beauty.

She was afraid of what she’d find when she looked in the mirror. Deep in her eyes was a truth that had so long sat dormant that eventually even she had all but forgotten it’s existence. 

She had chosen to believe instead, that her reflection was not one worth summoning and that it held no beauty, no hope and no promise.

I wondered how she could not see it; that she was no less than a flower, delicate, but undeniably beautiful in it’s fragility.

So much so that like a welcomed summer, my life would feel absolutely incomplete in it’s absence.