In the early hours of the morning.

Sleep is not my friend these past few days. My body hurts too much to be able to lay there for very long. Sitting’s not so great either. Welcome to another day, I suppose. Thank goodness for music to keep me sane.


This is my first dabble on toned paper. I think it’ll take some getting used to, altering my shading technique. See, toned paper starts the shading off for you in a way. I used my white pencil crayon on this one for highlights, it really adds some definition!

I’m drawing some more right now. I’ve missed it since I spent all my drawing hours on the illustrations (I’m finally done them! :) ). I’m trying to make myself finish some of my old drawings before I start any more lol.

Hopefully I can sneak a decent nap in sometime before my doctor appointment this afternoon.

Foy Vance drawing.

The title pretty much says it all. This is a portrait drawing of the incredible Foy Vance. I started this quite a while ago but haven’t had time to finish it until yesterday/today. For the last bit of this one I got to try out my new Faber-Castell perfection eraser pencil. They’re awesome for highlights and you can sharpen them to a pretty sharp point for the fine details. I’m really liking it so far.

Foy Vance

Side note: He was wearing a hat in the actual picture so I didn’t cut it off at the forehead to avoid drawing the hair ;) But admittedly I did pick a photo of him sans facial hair for that very reason.

American Horror Story


This is an old drawing I just dug up but never quite got around to finishing (one of many). It’s Tate Langdon aka Rubberman from American Horror Story season 1 (played by Evan Peters).

In the woods.

Hey guys, nothing new to report with me. I’ve been having a rough couple of days so I’ve been laid up a lot, listening to music and thinking about life. I’ve also been working like mad on the tattoo that I’m drawing whenever I can.

Come down from the trees, you’ve been gone too long.
Return to the house that you came from.
Turn back on the road, you traveled upon.
I stand where you stood, come out of the wood.

Matthew and the Atlas – Come out of the Woods.

Vivien Leigh minimal.

I’m not doing so well as far as pain goes, so, for the moment I’m just going to post another one of my drawings. This isn’t my favorite drawing but I was quite happy with how the depth and shading of the eyes turned out. Eyes are by far my favorite feature to draw.

Elizabeth Taylor minimal.

Minimals are the perfect solution to my short attention span and pain problems. I can complete a drawing without spending nearly as much time on it and still have it look presentable. It may not be as good as the fully detailed and shaded thing but hey, it works well for me.


Work in progress.

Here’s a drawing that I’ve been working on. It’s definitely not finished (in particular the hair, left side) but it’s getting there. I’m slightly apathetic to how this one turns out because I damaged it, note the big fold mark across the top right corner.