Marfact #10

In honor of Marfan Syndrome awareness month, here’s today’s Marfact (provided by the wonderful Marfan Foundation).

Marfact #10: Family medical history is an important consideration when seeking a Marfan diagnosis. Even if Marfan syndrome was not diagnosed, look for parents and grandparents who died from an unexplained, heart-related death before the age of 50. 

There’s also a really great, educational documentary about living with Marfan Syndrome called “In My Hands“. The Marfan Foundation has posted some clips of the movie on Youtube and I’d like to share them again with you this year (or for the first time for those of you new to Tissue Tales!). They provide some really accurate insight into the life of someone who has MFS and the different things that we face – medically, emotionally and physically – because of it.

Visit for more information.


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