Marfact #3

*My apologies ahead of time if this post is poorly written. I’m functioning on such a small amount of sleep that it’s a wonder I can type at all.* ☺  

Most of you probably remember how this goes from me doing it last year, but for those of you who are new to Tissue Tales: In honor of Marfan Syndrome awareness month I’ll be posting one Marfact each day in the hopes of helping to raise awareness. All facts – unless otherwise stated – have been provided by the wonderful Marfan Foundation.

For anyone who would like to help raise awareness, the MF has also put together a really handy social media toolkit that you can find by clicking here. The toolkit has ready-to-use tweets, email signatures, and more.

So, without further ado – and before I can’t even prop my eyelids open with my fingers – here’s today’s Marfan-related fact:

Marfact #3: Without a diagnosis and treatment, people with Marfan syndrome and related disorders are at risk of a sudden early death. But with an early diagnosis and treatment, they can live a normal lifespan.

Visit for more information.

Have heart for Marfan Syndrome!

Hopefully tomorrow, once I’ve gotten some sleep, I’ll be able to update on how my doctor appointment this morning went.

For now, thanks for sticking around to learn more about MFS and how it effects me!

Much love ♥


11 thoughts on “Marfact #3

  1. My 13 year old son just went through testing for this. Meanwhile, I’d been doing some research. I learned so much and it was terrifying. I extend my heart to you. Though there are still concerns, we know it isn’t Marfans with Ethan. I am sending the warmest embrace your way. Belinda


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!
      I know how incredibly stressful the entire testing/learning/waiting process is to go through, I’m glad that you two had each other to lean on (my mom was/is my rock through all of the medical stuff). Now that that part’s over I hope you get all the answers you need for Ethan and that he’s okay.
      Big hugs to you. ♥ Good luck with everything!


      • Katie, we’ll be thinking of you and following your journey. Thank you for your time in responding and sharing yourself with us. We continue to be hopeful for Ethan. Have a beautiful and inspired day. Belinda Huge hugs


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