A long night.

The last couple of days have been pretty lousy. Sorry, I know I haven’t been blogging anything very positive lately, my body just seems to be going through one of it’s really low points.

I’ve been dealing with some major urinary retention issues which are just miserable, especially during the night. Even when I can hardly go at all I still have to go often, which is a terrible combination. I spent the entire day yesterday thinking I was going to have to go to the hospital again like the last time this happened.

This is how my night went:

12:30 am I go to bed.
1:30 am I’m almost asleep but I have to pee, which I spend the next hour relentlessly trying to do before I actually can – though not very much.
2:30 am I’m back in bed but I can’t fall asleep.
3:30 am I have to pee again which takes me another 35 minutes or so.
4:15 am I’m back in bed but my bladder hurts and I still can’t catch any sleep.
5:30 am I get back up again for another bout of the same.
6:10 am I finally get back into bed and manage to fall into a light sleep.
7:00 am I’m awake again.
8:00 am I give up for a while and try to go pee yet again with more difficulty.
8:30 am I head back to bed but can’t fall asleep and am in a lot of pain.
10:30 am I get up again to try to go pee (for what feels like the millionth time).
10:50 am I get back into bed and still can’t fall asleep.
1:00 pm I finally just give up and pull myself out of bed.

My doctor thinks this is probably from my back. This time we’ve ruled out all of my medications as the primary cause so I’m afraid that it is too. I’m feeling really frustrated and exhausted. My neurologist’s appointment is still so far away and my referral to the urologist to make sure nothing else is causing this seems to have gotten lost on it’s way.

6 thoughts on “A long night.

  1. Late reply, but I’m so sorry Katie! What an awful night you had. I think I have a stretchy/spastic bladder (was told spastic pre-Dx), but I’ve heard that EDSers can get huge bladders with issues like you describe. Food for thought. I’m not sure if it just stretches and doesn’t ever go back to normal or what, but it seems EDSers can hold way more urine than the average person in general. I had to do a 24-hour urine test and they only gave me one container and boy, was I in trouble. I’m glad things are better from your newest post, but ugh–too much. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but hope you had a very nice one with your family and that the new year gives us all a break…
    HUGS!!! A


  2. Oh no :( so sorry you’re going through this miserable situation. I’ve been there and it’s definitely no fun! Added on top of all the other stuff… it’s just a lot to take, I know. I hope you and the Dr can get it under control asap. Gentle hugs =^..^=


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