The minutes pass like hours.

Nightshade by Marc

Well my dear readers, today has been one long miserable day to say the least. I woke up at around 5:30 am or so with my signature headache and the overwhelming urge to vomit. I hadn’t hardly had anything to eat so there wasn’t really anything to vomit up but the waves of intense nausea and stomach spasms kept coming. This cycled on about 3 times, at once per hour and every time was worse than the last. Please make it stop; please don’t make me dislocate anything are the thoughts that kept running through my mind.

I never thought I’d miss my old headaches. But, to have a headache that’s so severe in it’s throbbing and overall pain that just turning my neck makes me cry out, then having to run to the bathroom and then traumatize my body with the vomiting that follows, is just about as miserable as it gets for me. And to make it even worse, I can’t keep anything down so any type of pain relieving medication is off of the table.

I was only finally able to take my medication a bit ago and every inch of my body was screaming at me for it. My headaches never used to come with nausea at all and now all of a sudden every severe headache I get the nausea isn’t far behind. I’ve thrown up more in the past 2 years than I ever had in my entire life.

I’m so relieved that it’s eased off now. The nausea has lifted and the headache is more background noise than anything. I always feel so exhausted and kind of hung over after these episodes, so I’ll probably be in bed early tonight.

Thank you for listening and much love.



9 thoughts on “The minutes pass like hours.

  1. Oh, my head aches just reading this. I hope today is better for you. I grew up with migraine syndrome, they seemed to stop early into my Fibro diagnosis but I can vividly remember the pain and vomiting. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this!


  2. I’m so sorry, Katie. Before I got on my TCA for my EDS pain a decade ago, I used to vomit all day from it and my achy body would hurt so badly from it, so I do get it even if not a headache sufferer (well, muscular-type that I can deal with). Just getting my pain to a 7 keeps the nausea away. It also leads to so much weight loss and I know you’re thin like me. Ugh! You know, I did drink a lot of ginger tea for that (think I had real ginger candy to suck on too) and it helped some and if not, at least throwing up was less nasty. I had my career still and was in grad school so had to try something! Food for thought.

    My mother (I know the EDS came from her) suffered from migraines until the Imitrex shot came out, but it was from her mother–hormonal thing, so not connected to EDS which is rather common as you know. I just remember that growing up, she’d spend 3 days of every month in the dark master bedroom with a bag of ice on her head and I’d hear her throw up in the toilet non-stop. I guess she saw several neurologists, but nothing worked back then. I presume you’ve had a work-up for cranial issues, so hope one of the headache meds will work or you can get a transdermal pain med to cut the pain without having to digest a pill.
    Hugs to you…
    A <3


  3. Thinking good thoughts for you. It’s a good reminder to me that others are out there up against bigger odds than I am, and are still working hard and hoping for the best. <3


  4. your in my thoughts Katie. my stapdad has hepatitis and his internal organs are shuttin down and hes in a lot of pain and its taking its toll after these years. big hugs as well!


  5. I know the worn out feeling that you have with the nausea, pain and vomiting only mine is from reactions that take me down that path. As I am struggling with the possibility that I am getting sick, I wish you a peaceful nights rest with a morning of no headaches, pain, or nausea.


    • Awe thank you Kathryn. it’s nice to know that you understand – though I wish you didn’t have to go through it too.
      I hope your night’s peaceful as well, and topped of with an excellent sleep to start tomorrow with.


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