Medication update.

Sun peeking through a perforated leaf by mhx

Well I’m relieved to say that the doctor appointment went really well. She was completely understanding about the amount of pain that I’m in and how difficult it’s been. She also said that as far as pain medication goes codeine is near the bottom of the list in regards to it’s strength and efficiency in managing chronic pain. She had said that she wanted to take me off of it and put me on Dilaudid instead. I do usually have some dilaudid on hand for unbearable pain and it works really well on my back. The bummer of it is that it makes me so sick and gives me such bad rebound headaches that taking it everyday sounds just as unpleasant as not.

So, instead she wants to try me on extended release morphine to see how and if that works. My body can be really difficult when it comes to medication so there is a chance that I won’t be able to tolerate it, but fingers crossed. I have another appointment next week to see how it’s working and talk about alternatives if it isn’t.

I’m a bit sad that I’m at a place in my life where a pain medication like morphine is needed. But I’m also very relieved at the prospect of life being more livable again, and afraid that it’s not going to work. The extended release medication sounds like a huge improvement to me. Not only is this stronger but it lasts longer so that maybe I can function properly during the day and start getting some sleep again at night.

Overall, I’m feeling really hopeful right now. Maybe I can get my life back a bit. :)

Hugs everyone. xx

3 thoughts on “Medication update.

    • I’ve always felt that way about medications too, I used to worry about taking just 60 mg of it every once in a while and only took it when I absolutely had to (I still do but now I seem to always have to :( ). Looking back I suffered a lot of times when I probably shouldn’t have, knowing now that it wasn’t such a big deal.

      I think it’s good to be cautious and worried about it to a point, just don’t stress yourself out too much about it :) This comparison chart is helpful in showing you the different strengths of pain medications and their equivalent doses.


  1. My fingers are crossed! >< A lot of EDSers are on Morphine and do much better than I sans pain meds aside from a TCA that raises my pain threshold (and not by much) and Klonopin for my horrid muscle spasms (and not uber-effective), but I don't get side-effects from them. I think it will work and just hope you can tolerate it. I'm optimistic and there are other drugs you can try, if not, as I know they all work a little differently. Hang in there!


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