A September day.

Well, I’ve got my cane all spruced up with zebra print. I’m still trying to learn how to use it with ease. So far I find that I’m awkward and irritatingly slow when walking with it. I don’t like getting around so slowly, but I suppose it beats not getting around at all!

If I’m to be unflinchingly honest, the cane scares me. It scares me because it’s another reminder that my body is falling apart. It’s another addition to the list of the ever growing manifestations of this damned disorder. But, let’s not dwell on what we can’t change. At least not too much.

My hip’s actually been surprisingly good since my update post. I’m wondering if it popped back in while I was asleep, and the pain it’s causing now is just from the residual effects of it going out in the first place. It’s supposed to take 2 to 3 months for those types of injuries to fully heal. With a tissue disorder they never really do. I’m constantly in a state of injury and “repair” from one dislocation/subluxation or another.

I’m finally starting to get caught up on my blog reading. It’s surprising just how empty a spot they leave when I haven’t been through them in a while. I could liken it to when you haven’t spoken to a good friend in too long.

I’ve been teetering on the edge of a nasty cold for a few days now but when I woke up this morning I felt dreadful. I don’t usually get colds, or at least they start and then fade away. I think some hot chocolate’s in the cards today.

Lisboa 2011 by Juanma Palacios

Hugs everyone xx

13 thoughts on “A September day.

  1. Katie,

    Does the insurance up there cover any type of physical therapy (or physio as you say)? Per using canes, etc., I’ve known people who get help that way in learning how to use them correctly or via PM&R physicians (not sure how accessible they are or PTs) who customize canes for height, etc. Just some thoughts.

    I, too, feel like every day, week, month brings a new problem… Another reminder that my faulty collagen is breaking me down piece by piece and it’s very unsettling. I honestly try to not think about the future because I don’t want to know how I’ll be in another decade if I’m this bad after getting sick from EDS 12 years ago. Ugh! :/

    I do get it, if that’s any consolation. Hang in there and I hope your hip continues to heal… I suspect the cane might be allowing it to.

    ((Hugs)) and fingers crossed, A


    • That’s actually a good idea! The cost would be covered but I’d have to travel out of town because where I live we don’t have any physio therapists. At least it’s an option if need be. :)

      It does really help talking to people who get it. That damn collagen is in everything, it feels like it’s got an endless supply of things to mess up or make fall apart. The future is terrifying, I try so hard to block out the thought of it too. Which I suppose is good or we’d both be living in paralyzing amounts of fear and dread 24/7 I think.

      I never could have imagined back when I first got the diagnosis just how many symptoms and complications on disorder was capable of. It’s almost mind blowing! No wonder it’s horribly under-diagnosed.

      Hugs xx
      Keep on keeping on. :p


      • Hey, that’s my line: keep on keepin’ on! You too and yes, the collagen is in too many damn places. Can anyone research the genetic CTDs and find a cure? Just dreaming there as I don’t even have doctors who know what EDS is aside from my eye docs (sigh).

        I do tend to think it’s best to just live for the day to avoid ending up in the cuckoo nest, but my counselor really dislikes that way of thinking. Well, he isn’t stuck in my body!!!



  2. About the cane… it does take awhile to get used to and find the correct walking pattern that will work best for you. One thing to be careful of, especially if you’re clumsy like I am… the cane has the potential of being dangerous if you aren’t very careful and aware of it at all times.

    I have tripped myself with my cane, tripped other people (making sure to keep the cane from sticking out while sitting in a waiting room is difficult for me), trying to carry things becomes nearly impossible sometimes, I’ve almost fallen twice trying to get out of my car with it… yeah.

    Also, with my EDS, if I put too much pressure on tge cane with my hand in a weird position, I’ve dislocated my thumb several times. I’m thinking of wearing a wrist brace to see if that will help.

    I hope reading about some of my issues will help prevent them from happening to you!

    Also… I’d love to see a pic of the zebra print!!! I started drawing on mine with colored permanent markers last night… it’s gonna take awhile to complete that project for sure!

    Gentle hugs, Kat


  3. I understand completely about the can thing :( just think if it as a cool new accessorie ;) sorry boot the cold that’s never and fun but I’m super glad to hear your in less pain YAY for that.
    Giant Friday Hugs to ya Ms. Katie.


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