A tribute to Talia.


Brave, stoic Talia passed away yesterday at age 13. after a very long and hard fought battle with neuroblastoma. I drew this picture in tribute to her and the incredible impact she had on me, as well as countless others.

Talia helped raise much needed awareness for an all too common and devastating disease. She put a face and a voice to the cause. To paint a picture number-wise of how important it is to spread the word: the funding for pediatric cancer clinical trials is currently $26.4 million. To compare the National Cancer Institute funding for AIDS research was $254 million in 2006 and for breast cancer it topped $584 million. Something about that picture desperately needs to change.

5 thoughts on “A tribute to Talia.

  1. I love what you did in honor of Talia and you’re so talented. I just watched some of her YouTube videos. It’s so awful that she had so much to give and her life was cut short so soon. Research funding in general is really skewed and I have no idea how that can be fixed. :(


  2. I’ve been following Talia’s journey for quite some time now, and was devastated to see it end this way. Thank you for the tribute, personally. You can send it, if you’d like, to Talia’s Angels on Facebook.


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