Yay, it’s a new day!

What a difficult last few days!! My right hip has been out of place to some extent for a long time (my hips seem be out a little more often than not), I used to be able to pop it back in regularly but it was getting harder and harder until I couldn’t do it at all. Now it’s been causing me quite a lot of pain, mostly when I get up from sitting, which makes it difficult and painful to walk. So, by yesterday it was bad enough that I had to use a crutch on and off throughout. I’m hoping to get a cane next time I’m out. I need to get into the doctor so we can order an X-ray and make sure that’s what’s really going on. I’ve always had hip problems not only because of my tissue disorder but because my hips are pretty severely rotated and they’ve always been incredibly loose.

I’ve been getting some pretty nasty bouts of nausea starting Saturday night. I took some gravol when it started and went to bed. It seemed fine for most of Sunday aside from a few waves of it, but by 5:00pm it was getting really bad again and with the heat in the house (31°c) and my splitting headache I was too sick to stay awake anymore. By 8:30pm I started throwing up (despite only eating a banana all day!) and for the next few hours even the slightest movement would make me vomit, which in turn would spin my throbbing headache out of control – which I couldn’t take meds for because of my stomach. Finally I fell asleep around 4 am or so. 

I started waking up around 7:30, exhausted, because my back, hips, knees and feet were really hurting (nerves I think, from my back), and by 9ish it was bad enough that I had to get up. And holy heat wave! Mom and I had to spend the latter part of today at my grandparent’s in their basement. Our little trailer was at 33°c by the time we left and rising. When you already feel yucky that much heat is no friend. I’ve been taking ginger pills every four hours to hopefully help keep any more nausea at bay –  so far so good. I’ve been too afraid to eat much of anything but I’ve been able to catch up on my water, which I couldn’t do last night.

I’m so glad this day is over! I think I’ll sleep well tonight. Hopefully tomorrow isn’t so hot!! I seem to be very intolerant to heat this year (not that it’s ever really quite this hot here). I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be able to catch up on some of my blog reading and posts. I miss my blogger friends!

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