A cat and duck tale.


Sally cuddling with Ducky in her osteoarthritis friendly heated bed I made her. Her joints seem to be bothering her a lot so I made it on the ground so she wouldn’t have to climb up. She has to be in whatever room I am, always! Even if she’s just sleeping near me. If I get up to go to the washroom or to grab a drink when she’s dead asleep she’s still on my heels within minutes. She prefers to sleep on me but a lot of the time between the two of us and our ages (haha!) it’s too uncomfortable.



4 thoughts on “A cat and duck tale.

  1. What a sweet post! I love the bed you made. My cat is my whole life and I had to have her leg amputated a few years ago due to cancer. It was so awful. There were lots of accommodations post-op… I made a tent-bed under a table so she felt safe as she couldn’t walk. I syringed baby food and water into her mouth for months to keep her alive. There are lots of accommodations now as she can jump up onto the bed fairly well with an ottoman at the end, but can’t get down easily (only 1 front leg). Luckily, she rarely leaves the bed!

    I think pets with disabilities/illnesses should be with people who are the same, so I’m glad your kitty found you (or vice versa). I found mine meowing in a huge laurel bush where I lived back in WA and when I called to her she jumped out (followed by an evil, Manx cat) and ran right after me up the stairs to my attic apt. and never left. 12 yrs and 2 states later, she’s passed out in bed next to me. :)


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