In the early hours of the morning.

Sleep is not my friend these past few days. My body hurts too much to be able to lay there for very long. Sitting’s not so great either. Welcome to another day, I suppose. Thank goodness for music to keep me sane.


This is my first dabble on toned paper. I think it’ll take some getting used to, altering my shading technique. See, toned paper starts the shading off for you in a way. I used my white pencil crayon on this one for highlights, it really adds some definition!

I’m drawing some more right now. I’ve missed it since I spent all my drawing hours on the illustrations (I’m finally done them! :) ). I’m trying to make myself finish some of my old drawings before I start any more lol.

Hopefully I can sneak a decent nap in sometime before my doctor appointment this afternoon.

7 thoughts on “In the early hours of the morning.

  1. you’re really good Katie! I’ve been drawing a lot lately. It’s one reason why i haven’t been blogging (that and a new job). I’ve made another blog just for my artwork but it’s not connected to this at all because its my “professional” side and this is “private”, so shhhh. ;)


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