Finger ring splints

I’ve been having some problems with my fingers the past few months, particularly the middle and index fingers. They hurt quite a bit at the mid knuckles and have been hindering my ability to draw and type. They’ve also been popping a lot.

I keep coming across these finger ring splints on the internet, usually by other people with connective tissue disorders talking about them. There are various benefits of wearing them, depending on your particular problem and the type of splint you get. My fingers tend to hyper-extend when I try to straighten them or put pressure on them (the middle and index are the worst). The type of splint I wanted to try is called the swan neck splint and it prevents the fingers from bending backwards when I try to straighten them.    

The splints sound awesome, but they are fairly expensive (anywhere from 30$-80$ for each finger, plus shipping, depending who you order from) and it can take weeks after ordering them before you get them. So, instead of paying for something I wasn’t sure would even work I decided to make my own (out of key rings) and voila!


I was able to get them to fit comfortably and do their job without paying a dime. I’ve been wearing them for days now and they’re working well.


The above picture is my finger without the splint. You can see how it hyper-extends backwards when I straighten it. It bends even farther if any pressure is added.


You can see in this picture that it prevents my fingers from hyper-extending at all in the middle joint. I still have pain in my fingers but I wasn’t expecting it to go away with the splints. I just hope that they’ll help prevent some future wear and tear.

There are a few different places that you can order the splints from, they vary in price but like I said, they are fairly expensive. I’ll probably invest in some in the future but for now the homemade ones will do just fine.

24 thoughts on “Finger ring splints

  1. Very interested in this as I need several for each hand and they are pricey enough, even for the plastic ones. :( How did you get them the right size for each half? Thanks a million!


    • I just kept bending them with pliers until they fit. Key rings are basically in the right shape to start with if you just open them in the middle which is helpful. But sadly I think I will have to get them professionally made, as I can’t seem to get them to fit me in a way that won’t cause discomfort if I wear them long term. I’m sure it could be done, but bending the medal has gotten too difficult for my fingers to handle in and of itself. Wish I could offer more help.


      • You may have just saved me a bunch of money and searching. My orthopedist prescribed one yesterday. His supplier just increased the price to $45. Walmart has them for about $12.00 but only on line. If I can get things bent in the right direction, these should work just fine. Thanks.


        • I didn’t know Walmart carried them online! I may have to look into that as I’m having trouble making my own comfortable enough to wear as much as I need to.

          Most of the options I find are above what I can afford. Let me know if you were able to find success making yours.


  2. Hi, I know this is an old post, but I’m hoping I can make a couple of these. I’ve tried in the past with whatever wire I grabbed first, but it was too thin. Do you remember what gauge wire you used?


  3. Wow Katie, I am so impressed by everything you do. What an amazing idea.
    Gen has been complaining about pain in her fingers and difficulty holding a pencil. I’m not sure if it’s not going to get worse. Were your finger joints always like so or as it gotten worse over time? I’m wondering if we shouldn’t be taking preventive measures. Thank you for your input


    • My fingers have definitely been getting worse over the years. They never used to hurt me at all but now they hurt quite often. sometimes constantly. Sometimes holding a pencil is really hard for me too. I think preventative measures are always a good idea with connective tissue disorders. :)


  4. Oh, wow! Those look just like the ones on the website. My fingers sublux and extend back like yours, but I’ve gotten by fairly well with hand putty to strengthen things up. OK–I really think you have the ability and artistic skill to start a business here as lots of people want those ring splints and can’t afford them. Food for thought…
    Hope all is well,
    A :)


    • I did give that a thought! My hands don’t do so well bending the metal and I’m not sure how I would get them the right size for certain people’s fingers without being able to try them on them. It is a thought though! ;)


      • I know–my fingers hurt that way, too. I got the best tip online for opening plastic bags that are tied tightly together, but have no idea how to explain! I wonder if you can buy ring sizers (like jewelers have) and get a neighborhood kid to pry the key rings apart for $1 so you could work on them! Lol! Well, then how would your customers know their rings sizes if they’re online? I think the PTs have them and act as a middleman (middleperson?) for that pricey company. Hmmm. Keep thinking! I love small businesses and I’m sure it would be a win-win for you and the rest of us! :)


  5. I have so many thoughts right now forgive me for number if them.
    1.sorry bout your hands I know how ou live to draw and your amazingly talented at it shame to deprive you I such a gift.
    2. Great job on the finger splints Bravo!!
    3. You have beautiful hands lol. Sorry just sayin.


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