Life can be cruel.

Sometimes life can be so unbearably unfair. I look at the people around me – be it family members or cyber friends – and I see so much pain and illness. It breaks my heart to see so many incredible people who’s lives have been forever altered so drastically by things like MS, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, strokes, cancer, and tissue disorders. How can there be such a high rate of chronic pain and illness? How can so many things go so terribly wrong with the human body? I so desperately wish that I had a magic wand that I could wave and make everyone’s pain go away. I wish they could have their normal lives back and be able to experience what it feels like to live without pain for a day again. It’s such a sickening feeling; to watch the people that you care about suffering and not be able to take it away. And, it makes me sad to know that’s the same terrible, helpless feeling that my mom gets not being able to take my pain away.

I would do anything to give my mom her life back. I’ve dreamt for years of a day when she would wake up in the morning happy, rested and pain-free. And now, worse than that, she has to cope with having a daughter who is physically falling apart and unable to care for herself the way a healthy 19 year old can. It’s a lot to handle, more than anyone should have to. There’s so much uncertainty and with it comes a constant uneasiness – a fear of what might happen next. I know one thing’s for sure; we’re a team and without her I can’t imagine how I’d cope with this life.

To all those in my life – cyber or otherwise – who’re in pain; you are always in my thoughts. I’m sorry you’ve been dealt such a difficult hand in life and I wish that I could make it all better. I’ve learnt so much about life and perseverance from all of you. You’ve all not only taught me more about myself and how to better handle my own situation but you’ve also opened my eyes to the many faces behind pain. You teach me things that even first hand experience in the matter can’t. I hope you know that I’m here for you. I’m here with you.

Thank you and much love.

In Kindness There Is Strength by Βethan

24 thoughts on “Life can be cruel.

  1. Sometimes it really seems like humans weren’t built for life on earth. We’re allergic to air, we are burnt by our sun, I mean really it’s insane. But it’s nice to need eachother.


      • Aw, thanks for thinking of me–really nice as I’m having an awful week with this freak storm and now insurance is cutting off my PT! How can they do that-stupid American healthcare. That’t what makes me stop writing (funny, no? Btw, someone mentioned physiatrists. I didn’t catch the whole reply (inbox overload–lol). We usually call them physical medicine & rehabilitation doctors (PM&Rs). I’ve gone this route for yrs due to the horrid rheums in my city, and they understand the workings of the body/pain issues better in my mind, yet see above comment regarding maxing out PT (and I only go 1 x week!). Not sure if there is one in your area (sounds like you’re way out there), but here’s the Canadian site and there’s a search link on here:

        Take care…
        A :)


        • Thank you for the info and the link! I’m definitely going to look into it. After having learned more about them I think they’re among the specialists I seen when I was in the pain clinic at the Children’s Hospital

          I’m sorry you’re having a bad week :( Hugs.


  2. you are my little girl(all grown up)and my angel.i am so proud of you and sooo grateful that you re mine.every day is so much brighter with you in you a kabillion


  3. Pain is the most difficult of all things to over come as it is relentless and wears down the mind, body and emotions of our body. I am praying for GOD to give you the best doctor to help you cope with this pain. Have you ever tried a physiatritst to help? I found my physiatrist about two years ago and she has helped me manage the chronic pain I am praying you find the right doctor to help you.

    GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


  4. I relate to basically everything you’ve said. I have Fibromyalgia, and so does my sister, and it breaks my heart to see my mom keep trying and failing to help us (because nothing is working). I hope you get well very soon!


  5. Dear Katie, thank you so kindly for your gentle honest words. Your far more wise than your 19 years would suggest. Your an inspiration to all.
    Much love, your friend.


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