Lung issues and more spinal problems.

A few days ago we received the medical records/results of my recent specialist appointments and tests in Vancouver – they weren’t exactly what I had hoped.

The X-ray showing my mid and upper spine shows vertebrae wedging (compression of the vertabrae caused by degeneration) along with Spondylosis (degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints between the centre of the spinal vertebrae and/or neural foraminae). This was a bit hard to digest because we knew that my lower spine had some degenerative problems (large synovial cyst, uncommon in those under 65, very rare in those under 40) but thought that was the extent of my spinal problems. I wasn’t expecting to hear that my mid spine looks like that of a middle aged person already too. My lower back’s been hurting me more than anything these past few months and it’s been continually getting worse. It hurts up higher too but not very much, hopefully it’ll stay that way for a long time yet. 

I was more taken aback by what they found in my lungs. The bases of both of my lungs have atelectasis which is: the incomplete expansion or collapse of parts of or a whole lung. Collapsed lungs and pneumothorax are known to be more common in tissue disorders than in the general population, but I had no idea that there was anything wrong with mine.

Overall I’m oddly calm about the whole business. I took in the results, took some deep breaths and accepted it. It’s kind of sad to say but this is what waits for me. My condition is degenerative and it’ll only deteriorate over time. More and more things will start to show up on tests, more joints will dislocate, I’ll be in more pain. I know this and for the most part I’ve made peace with it. I have my moments of despair, but this is the way that things are and I have to learn to find happiness despite it.

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17 thoughts on “Lung issues and more spinal problems.

  1. The enzyme serrapeptase has helped a number of people I know with lung issues- asthma and chronic bronchitis, it is also the ONLY thing that has helped the one with a collapsed lung…breath is life so its worth a try


  2. That stinks. Were any treatment options offered to you? For pain, I use topical Lidocaine patches, get Lidocaine shots every 6-8 weeks, and take several prescription medications. I live in Maryland, in the US, and am a patient at Johns Hopkins. Would coming to Hopkins for an evaluation be an option for you? I’m not sure how your health insurance works in Canada.


    • No treatment options were offered to me. My doctors know and understand very little about tissue disorders and how to manage them, as far as I know I’m the first CTD patient my gp has ever had.

      I dream of being able to go to Johns Hopkins – home of the incredible Dr. Harry Dietz! But I don’t see how it could be possible. Canada doesn’t have anything in place to fund out of country medical appointments or treatments. We wouldn’t even be able to afford getting there never mind the actual medical expenses.

      I could really use a trip to the Chiari center in Long Island too because we suspect I may possibly have either that, cranial instability or tethered cord (lots of neurological symptoms popping up). So far the radiologists here don’t know how to properly read the imaging test results of people with tissue disorders. They don’t know what to look for when it comes to these rare things. It’s a bit frightening and frustrating.


  3. Brave Katie, I wish I could reach out and hug you. I wish I could protect you from the pain and degeneration. I have no words of solace. I can only pray for you dear Katie. I think of you almost every day. Hugs and Love.


    • Thank you dear Tersia, for the continued support. You are a beautiful person to stop by with such words of love when you yourself are going through so much. You are always on my mind and in my heart.


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