Carry On Home

A kiss of death upon this land,
I feel I’ve walked for miles.
My feet are aching to the bone,
From marching me through trials.

Through lips so parched and eyes so blind,
The weakness creeps it’s way.
I fear that though I’ve long to go,
I cannot last the day.

The wind calls out to rest my legs,
And soon I lay in dust.
The light of death takes hold of me,
“No, carry on, you must”.

With blistered hands I find my way,
For I have seen the light.
And I know that when my time does come,
Each breath was worth the fight.


8 thoughts on “Carry On Home

  1. Extremely beautiful poem Katie! But only from an extremely beautiful young lady. How you inspire me and make my day seem so much brighter. You bless us all with your courage and strength. Love you lots, Uncle Jim


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