The ILC Foundation

Hi guys. I wanted to write a bit about an amazing foundation that was brought to my attention when I was at the Canadian Pain Summit this past April. They are called the ILC foundation and are dedicated to improving the lives of young people (up to age 29) suffering from chronic pain. They offer a wide variety of resources including one on one support, a peer support network (including live chats and webinars), an online library full of resources for specific age groups and ailments, along with a wealth of information and events to attend. There’s so much more on the site and I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain or those who have a loved one with it to check it out. You’ll be glad that you did!

I feel so lucky to be living in a time and place when resources and support like this is available to help me through my chronic pain journey. One of the hardest parts of chronic pain, especially when it starts at a young age, is the isolation. You begin to feel so misunderstood by those around you and alienated from other people who do understand what you’re going through. That’s why programs and foundations like this are so invaluable. They give us back a connection to the world and a feeling of support and access. The foundation’s creators/staff are amazingly kind, understanding and helpful as well which puts you at ease and makes you feel more comfortable contacting them with your needs and/or questions.

The ILC is also involved in heading Canada’s first ever “21-Day+ Pediatric Chronic Pain Rehabilitation and Wellness Program” alongside experts in pediatric chronic pain. I watched a video on their Facebook page the other day of different kids, teenagers and young adults talking about their lives with chronic pain and how things have changed since it started and the importance of advocates and support. The video was amazingly well done and I was in awe of how precisely each of their stories echoed my own. I suggest watching it for yourselves, it’s very educational and heartfelt (you can find it by liking the ILC Foundation’s Facebook page, the link can be found below). 

Click here to go to the ILC Foundation’s Facebook page and here to follow them on LinkedIn. I’ll also be putting a button link on the side of my blog for quick easy access to their website. I’m grateful to the ILC Foundation for the things that they’ve done for me so far and I know that they’ll continue to be an important and immeasurably valuable resource to me in the future. I’m so thankful to the dedicated and caring members who do so much for us young people in pain.

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