Smiley faces.

A world full of pain is a lonely place. That is simply the truth. That being said, I’m again reminded of the hearts that go with me on my journey, even to the loneliest of places. There is love and compassion to give me strength when I feel done fighting to live a life that I find no pleasure in anymore. They remind me that; though I’m alone in my pain, I am not alone in life. <3 

Thanks SN, LG, and yours’ for the flowers. They meant more than I can say. The smiley face mug was perfect! xox

6 thoughts on “Smiley faces.

  1. I hope your doing ok, as can be at least. Flowers are always fun. I just started my LoA from work today. They want to start the disability process. Good luck to you. I’m here if you need anything.. Best wishes


  2. Cute! Pain can certainly feel lonely. The truth is, we are never as alone as we might feel we are (I think your flowers make that point). I work very hard at not allowing chronic pain and illness rob me of my gratitude for those I know who are cheering me on and sending me healing, loving energies all the time. I really appreciate your sharing and your insight. You are very wise. Hang tough kiddo.


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