Work in progress.

Here’s a drawing that I’ve been working on. It’s definitely not finished (in particular the hair, left side) but it’s getting there. I’m slightly apathetic to how this one turns out because I damaged it, note the big fold mark across the top right corner.


21 thoughts on “Work in progress.

  1. Just finished reading about you and I am overwhelmed – you are a brave soul in such a young body. I am glad to know you and hope we will continue to keep in touch through our blogs. Hopefully, my anecdotes and silly musings on age will keep you smiling – sometimes they actually do teach a few things! My best to you.


  2. First – a big thank you Katie for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. I’m quite surprised to even be noticed among all the incredible blogs out there – so a very sincere thanks to you.
    Your drawing (I’m assuming it’s of you?) is amazing. The eyes are so well done – they seem to be looking straight at you. I think you should be so proud of yourself. Forget about the crease on the side – no one even notices it – I certaily wouldn’t have until you pointed it out.
    Keep up with the good work and I’ll certainly be following your journey.


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