My Stella’s Corset Review

As I’d mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been awaiting the arrival of the orthopedic vest that I ordered from a company online called Stella’s Corset. I was hoping that a corset would compress my lower ribs and help keep them from dislocating. Also, the site said that the corsets were good for back support and posture. My review isn’t just in regards to my medical issues though, it’s also to do with how the product would work were I ordering it for the same reasons that most people do.

The first corset I ordered was called the slimming orthopedic vest. When I received it I immediately noticed the disgusting rubber smell the corset has. Just briefly touching it with your fingers would make them smell, even after washing my hands multiple times. As soon as I tried the corset on I realized it was way, way too big. By looking at the reviews on the site this happens quite a bit. I measured exactly as I was directed to on the site, multiple times over. Whatever error they’re making they need to correct it because it’s the customers who have to pay shipping to have the product exchanged, and it isn’t cheap (they offer no returns for your money back if you aren’t happy with their product). Now the vest is made very impractically. I knew that no matter what size I ordered there would not be one that would fit my upper half tightly without being way too small for my bottom half, and none that would properly fit my hips without being far too loose on my ribs. You are not able to adjust the product to fit accordingly for these problems.

I was angry at the fact that I was the one who would have to pay for the stupidity of the company. I called them and told them what had happened and how their sizing methods were messed up and she offered to pay the return shipping on the new product. So, that was something at least. Because I knew the vest would never fit properly no matter the size I decided to try the plain old corset (without straps and lower in the back than the vest). I figured I might as well try another product and hope it was better, since I wasn’t getting my money back. I ordered the fancy one (looks nicer), to try and up the worth a little since the corset is much cheaper then the vest.

The fit of this new corset is also equally as poor as the last one. The bottom fits perfect and snug, the next size down would be too small, but the top is again, much too loose. There is not the tiniest bit of tightness in the top, it even sticks out from my ribs. Under clothing it looks ridiculous, a big roll of loose material at the top. So, here I am, a bunch of money that I don’t have to begin with wasted, all because I was trying to by something medically related, hoping that it would make my life a little less painful. I’m not exchanging the product again, I’m not paying the 40$ in shipping for a product that I’m positive will never work.

My overall recommendation is clearly: don’t order online from Stella’s Corset. Maybe if you lived in the same town that their company operates from and could just drive to the store to pick up your product over and over until everything worked, then I’d say it’s up to you, give it a try. But definiately not when you have to pay 40$ of shipping everytime you have a problem and need to exchange the product. And finally, I smell like rubber! Yuck! I’ll update when and if washing does eventually get rid of it.

One thought on “My Stella’s Corset Review

  1. This company SUCKS. I wish I had thought of looking online for reviews first before purchasing anything there. I live in Toronto and let me tell you, it is not a better experience in person. The so called experts working there made me buy a corset that I originally didn’t think was fitting me properly. They said I needed to get used to wearing something fitted gradually. As I got home, I realized it wasn’t supporting me in any way, the fit was completely wrong for my body. (I had a previous corset which is why I could tell it wasn’t right for me) When I returned the very SAME employees AGREED it was wrong for my body but had no other solution as it was final sale, which they didn’t mentioned when I bought it but also wasn’t mentioned on my receipt. Plus they were so rude about it. They all walked away like they didn’t care that I had this huge issue with their product…Anyone reading this DO NOT GO THERE & SPREAD THIS MESSAGE. Any other store has better store policy than them.Waste of money, waste of time, waste of everything.


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