An update of sorts.

First of all, I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to everyone and anyone affected by the theater shooting that occurred last night. I am so sickened and saddened that this happened. I can’t even fathom what the victims and their families were and are going through, but from the depths of my heart and soul; I wish them well. It feels like a sad day to be human, when reminded that our species is capable of such senseless horror and cruelty. May those who were injured make speedy recoveries with as little added suffering as possible and those who were lost find peace.

Now, I realize that I haven’t been blogging about any medical related things in these last few posts. Mostly because nothing too interesting has been happening.

My shoulder did dislocate for the first time the other day. Well, actually, my guess would be that it was more of a subluxation than a full dislocation, but painful none the less. And disheartening. Another reminder that my tissue is weakening and that things will and are only going to get worse with time. To make things even more pleasant, a couple of my ribs decided to also subluxate today. They popped back into place fairly quickly but as you can imagine, the surrounding tissue and what not are going to take a while to heal. Sadly, I’m becoming very used to this. It seems like every time I finally heal from the last subluxation another one occurs. I kept my arm in a sling for the first little while after the shoulder incident but it seems unnecessary now, it doesn’t seem to be helping as much.

I recently ordered an orthopedic corset off of the internet for the purpose of compressing my ribs and hopefully keeping the lower ones in place. I got the idea because when my ribs are moving around it always helps to hold my arm down against them. The sizing got messed up on the first order so I’m just waiting to get this one and try it out before I give my review on it. I’m really hoping that it does something.

In other events, I’ve been avoiding my doctor like the plague. Not for any specific reason really, only that I’m just tired of doctors. And I’m also still contemplating what to do about my beta blocker situation and I need to decide on something before going in. I finally made an appointment for next Friday so I really need to make a decision.

Now I’m going to be super cliche and talk about the weather. Mostly only because we’ve had more thunderstorms in the last couple weeks than I can remember having throughout my entire childhood. Which is awesome because I love lightning. Watching it at least. I love the rain too.

This picture was taken in my hometown where there’s been some flooding. Where the geese are is actually a road. It floods like this once a year, and every once in a while someone is silly enough to attempt to drive through it.

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