The dreaded birthday.

Another year older now. If only Neverland truly existed, I’d tell Marfan Syndrome and chronic pain to kick rocks while I go live there. Although, Peter Pan always did give me the creeps.

6 thoughts on “The dreaded birthday.

  1. Happy birthday. My daughter is 37 and terminally ill. She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. All her life she has suffered chronic pain. Against all odds she gave birth to two beautiful boys. She is still fighting to stay alive. She too desperately seeks Neverland… Surviving shows your courage and strength! That is your legacy. You have so much to show.


    • Thank you very much for your kindness. Comments like yours are the ones that keep me going. I’m very sorry that your daughter is terminally ill. She must be so, so strong to have spent so long battling such an illness. My thoughts are with you all.


  2. Happy Birthday! Birthdays are hard for me when I look back on my life and see what it has actually been, compared to what I wanted it to be. But there is always hope. And I pray for you a lot.


    • Thank you so much! It does get depressing, getting older and feeling like you have nothing to show for it. It’s seems silly being only 19 but my birthdays have been a huge source of anxiety for me since I got sick.


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