That’s good to know.

After my wisdom teeth surgery I was advised to start taking my tylenol 3 every 4 hours along with either my muscle relaxers or the anti-inflammatory I was prescribed (rotating them out each time). I’ve mentioned on here before that I generally don’t even take my pain medication everyday unless I absolutely have to – they’re no good for you and my stomach’s got a long time to put up with them yet. But, aside from making the jaw/head/face pain from the surgery bearable, I also noticed for the first time in months that the sometimes excruciating, ever constant pain in my back was almost unnoticeable. It was never gone, but it was low enough that I didn’t think much about it compared to the other body pains. 

Ah, but the assumed catch – as soon as I start weaning back off of the meds and down to my regular doses, the back pain came back with a nasty vengeance. I didn’t even know that it was possible to get it down that low, but it doesn’t really matter because constant pain medication is just not an option long term. So, I kind of wish I didn’t know that. I feel like I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel but knew that I’d have to turn back and go the other way. How unfair is that. I am thinking about talking to my doc about nerve blocks for the pain. Have any of you tried them? And if so, how did they work and were they worth it?

On a fairly higher note, I can eat again! And the jaw pain (and the general pain of having your wisdom teeth removed) is dissipating. My bruises are almost gone which is good because I was getting a lot of concerned looks at the grocery store. I wanted to walk around with a sign saying that it was from the wisdom teeth. From the glances that I got I think people seemed to be thinking that someone had beat on me a bit! The entire wisdom teeth/jaw healing thing actually went much better than I thought it would. The healing was slower than the norm but I was told to expect much worse. I’m getting a little bit tired of the saltwater rinsing, maybe I need to ease up on it because I’ve been doing it religiously. But I keep hearing disgusting stories about people getting food stuck down the tooth holes and it going rotten. Sick. I don’t want that to happen!

Anyway, I’ve been up forever and I have a bad feeling that I wont be falling asleep any time soon. It’s still a bit early yet but I just have that…feeling, the one that I get when my insomnia is kicking in. I’m going to out of town to stay with my amazing aunty on Wednesday though – a fellow chronic pain sufferer and nocturnal dweller – so I’ll have some good company during my long nights. I’ll tell you more about her later, she’s too much awesome for just a sentence or two.

My posts have been so dreary lately, so, I thought I’d brighten this one up a bit with a picture. I’d have just taken my own colorful picture of the flowers I bought my mom for Mother’s Day, but it’s late and the lighting in here sucks. Maybe I will tomorrow.

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