It’s Always the Eyes

We basically just finished getting set up for my yearly[ish] trip to Vancouver Children’s Hospital for my echo in June. We had our Shriner’s bus schedules and Easter Seal hotel rooms all settled and good to go and my appointments booked. But, as goes pretty much anything to do with my eyes -they ruined the plans again.

There’s a stitch sticking out of my right eye (I know eww right? But it only looks like a tiny red dot above my iris, under my eyelid). It’s majorly scratching up the inside of my eyelid and my eye, so, we need to go get it lasered off asap before it does any real damage. I’m a bit uneasy about the entire thing. This will be the third or fourth stitch I’ve had lasered off or pulled out since my last surgery. Number one, after 7 surgeries this is the first time I’ve ever had any problems with stitches and number two; said stitches are what’s helping hold my lens in place so I don’t like the prospect of possibly making my lens dislocate – yet again.

Anyway, we’re (me and my mom) heading to Vancouver on Sunday now and luckily everything with my cardiologist and echo worked out so that we can just make this trip instead of both this one and the June one. So, I guess all in all it worked out pretty good. We’ll head out on Sunday and come back on Wednesday.

A big thanks again to the Shriners bus people who for the millionth time are taking us on the 8 hour trip to the city for free. And another thanks to the Easter Seal House who’s made these trips much less of a financial burden, again, for the millionth time.

P.S. – Happy Birthday to the world’s best mom. I love you and can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do without you. xoxo

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