Faces of Pain

A few months back a member of my former pain management team ( I say former because I ‘graduated’ it) recommended that I enter into the Canadian Pain Coalition’s national writing contest known as the “Faces of Pain contest”. The winning articles were to be featured on the website along with $250 cash prize.  Normally I would have been thrilled and all over this opportunity but I was in a bit of a funk the couple of weeks between the suggestion and the deadline, a down-spell if you will. The article was supposed to be about something positive or inspiring and I wasn’t feeling all that inspired let alone inspirational. But, I was running out of time to enter and I knew that once I felt better I’d sorely regret not doing it, so, I halfheartedly and quickly sat down and spilled out my entry. It took about five minutes to write and the possibility of winning had not even crossed my mind, I was thinking more about just getting my story out to those who may listen. So, imagine my surprise when I later got a phone call saying that I had won.  Writing is my love in life so I’m utterly and sincerely filled with pride and delight whenever my writing is validated by it’s readers.

A few weeks after that I was asked to have my article featured in Pain BC’s newsletter. Which I happily agreed to.






























This is the bright side of chronic pain, because we all know it has it’s dark, gut-wrenching, relentless side. But their are some lessons that are incomparably better taught through experience than anything else.

Ironically the following quote appeared in the sidebar after I published this post and I couldn’t agree more with it.

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”— Gustave Flaubert

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