Sticking to my commitment to detail my past medication experiences this time I’m writing about the antidepressant (SSRI class) Cipralex. It’s been a year since I was briefly on Cipralex. My doctor wanted to try it on me because I’d been experiencing mild anxiety and restlessness. I only ended up being able to take it for about two weeks and I can’t remember much of my experience throughout that time except that it gave me upset stomach. I ended up needing to immediately stop taking it though, when I experienced a very rare side effect known as urinary retention. This is the inability to urinate. Not knowing that it would last or what was going on I went about 17 hours without going – not for lack of trying mind you – before it became unbearably painful and I was taken to the hospital. My bladder had to be drained via catheter. The nurse said that the bladder comfortably holds about 500 ml of urine – mine had 1200 ml – so you can imagine how painful it ended up being. By the time I got to the hospital I would’ve been up for anything to get rid of the pain. My doctor said I was the first patient she’d come across who had had that type of reaction to a medication in 20 years. Needless to say she also said she would never put me on any similar medications again.

{Any medical terms and/or definitions featured on this blog have been thoroughly researched by me as to not lead to any false consumption of information by the reader. Though, that aside; I am not a doctor and the medical information on this site should not be taken as a substitute for the advice of medical professionals. If you’re experiencing any health issues don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.}

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