Post NMF Conference

I am back from Portland. As promised I will be posting many of the gazillions of pictures that I took and will be divulging all of the heaps of helpful information that I got while gone. And when I say “will be” I mean tomorrow. I just spent two days getting back here and plan on sleeping for a good hundred years (I added that up and ended up coming to the conclusion that when I wake back up it’ll be 24 hours later…) starting in an hour or so. Anyways, just thought I’d let you know that you hadn’t been forgotten. For now, I will say that I have never been so happy in my life and that the people I met and the things that I was able to experience were amazing in every sense of the word. I will never forget this weekend and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m excited to get to share some of it with you through my blog.

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