Animal Cruelty: Suffering at The Hands of Humans

Today I have an important issue to shed some light on, or more accurately; discuss the shadows of.

I’m an animal lover and have always been disgusted by the fact that there is so much animal cruelty everywhere you look. From our food to our makeup. Take fur for example: I can’t even fathom the fact that people still buy clothing made from real fur. I don’t understand it. Maybe some of it’s ignorance. Some people probably assume all of the fur has been taken off of animals who were instantly killed or already dead. This is sadly not the truth. Millions of animals are skinned alive every year for their fur. Now think about that for a second; being skinned alive. Can you imagine how unbelievably painful a death that would be? And for something as vain as fashion. More than half of the fur in the United States comes from a country where millions of cats and dogs are tortured and force to endure unimaginably painful deaths to obtain it. The fur is often intentionally mislabeled so that you never really know which animal it came from -not that it matters. They all feel the same pain. Think you’re a dog lover? A cat lover? Then don’t wear fur. Click here for more information on animals that are killed for clothing.

 Then there’s the painful truth about our everyday household items. When I found PETA’s list of companies that test their products on animals and compared it to my own household items I found that there were an overwhelmingly larger amount of products that were tested on animals than ones that weren’t. And the ones that aren’t tested on animals are much harder to find at your average mall or supermarket. Virtually every major brand of house cleaner, shampoo, makeup, soap and anything else you can think of practices cruel forms of torture on innocent animals in order to profit with their products. Shampoo companies, for example, clamp open the eyes of bunnies and drip the product into them to see the effect that it has. The more I researched the more horrified I was. The amount of suffering is astronomical and there is no end in sight.

Circuses are another major problem. It may be entertainment for us but I can guarantee you that it isn’t for the animals involved. If the jobs we make them do to needlessly serve us weren’t bad enough, we also abuse them in between for absolutely no justifiable reason. So, you want to see an elephant in a circus? Once you read what I’m about to write you make think twice about your answer. Here is a quote regarding the intelligence of elephants: “Elephants continue to fascinate both scientists and general observers alike. They are recognised as being among the most intelligent creatures on earth. In fact, some enthusiasts believe that their intelligence rivals that of human beings.” They are incredibly family based and loving creatures who form strong bonds with their groups. But in the circus baby elephants are torn from their mothers. Then the curious and playful babies are restrained by their legs to a concrete floor for up to 23 hours a day -unable to move, unable to play. This is in order to break their spirits, a tragedy in itself. It can take up to six months before the baby finally gives up and stops fighting for it’s freedom. After the babies are traumatized and resigned they are “trained” by way of endless torturous and cruel methods such as being beaten, stabbed with bull hooks and shocked with caddle prods. All of this so that they learn absurd tricks, the entire time screaming and struggling in anguish to make it stop. In order to keep themselves out of trouble Ringling claims the tricks are taught using voice commands and a reward system. This however as been proven to be a lie.

There you have it, the painful and sickening truth. And while you may be wishing that I had not gone into so much detail, that detail and mental image digging into your empathy is all that these animals have to rely on when it comes to them ever being free of their torture. Change doesn’t come without passion. And it begins by educating people. It’s hard to advocate for something when you don’t fully understand the gravity of it. The more awareness and empathy drawn towards this issue the more outcries of anger and demands for change that will follow. For more information on the many animal issues and the simple but extremely important steps you can take to help visit

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