The Best Things In Life

I don’t think I’d last one day in these shoes if it weren’t for the amazing support system I have within my family. They frequently remind me of how much I am loved -or better yet- they never let me forget it.

My number one supporter has always been my mom. I can’t even imagine going through these things if I didn’t have her by my side to pick up the pieces when I break. It’s a terrifying thought. She understands what it is to live in pain all of the time; she also suffers from a chronic pain disorder. Though, I’d rather her not have to live like that, it is a comfort when someone else knows why you act the way you act sometimes. She doesn’t judge and she is always there to listen.

My mom’s parents have always been amazing too. They have this way of making you feel so unconditionally loved and so often thought  of. I know how lucky I am to have them and I never forget it. It takes a special type of person to give so much and ask for so little in return and my grandparents are those kind of people.

Then there are certain cousins and aunties. The kind who will stay up until midnight listening to you, even if it’s long distance. The kind who will write to you or send you a card saying things that mean more to you than you can explain. Things like that they’re proud of you and that they love you.

I’m lucky to be blessed with these people. I appreciate them more than I could ever write out or properly say. They give me strength and remind me that I’m never without a shoulder to lean on and I thank them for that.

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