13 Years Old: Iritis/Uveitis

All was perfect with my implants for the first three years. I got used to them quickly and after a year or so it felt as though I’d had them my entire life. I never wore glasses, aside from cheap dollar store reading ones when I needed to read an atlas or globe.

When I was thirteen I started to notice a weird sensation and subtle vision change sometimes when I’d move from a dark room to a light one, or if I’d be sitting in a dimly lit room. Finally I got to a mirror before the sensation went away, just in time to see that my pupil had turned a diamond shape. I continued to catch my pupil doing this everytime I felt the odd sensation. Then a few weeks later one day out of nowhere when I was my vision became blurry in one eye and full of floaters. I’ve always describe it as being similar to looking through a frosted window. But for some reason or other I never thought much of it and aside from not going to the eye doctor, I didn’t even mention it to my mom. This happened a few more times and each time my vision would become even more clouded. Finally, (and I’ll never know why I was silly enough to put it off for so long), I went to the eye doctor.

He diagnosed me with iritis/uveitis. This is inflamation of the eye which can cause the pressure within the eye to become too high. If left untreated it can become very painful not to mention cause permanent damage. He speculated that this was happening because one of my implants was catching on my pupil so when my pupil would try to contract it wasn’t able to as it should. This was causing pieces of my iris to flake off and irritate my eye, causing the iritis. To keep the fluids in my eye from building up my opthamologist put a tiny laser hole in each of my eyes under my eye lids (too small to see). This is so if the fluid can’t escape from the pupil it has somewhere else to drain and the pressure won’t build up. I conitnued to get the iritis/uveitis but we would treat it immediatly with eye drops and soon afterward it would be gone once again.

{I am not a doctor and the medical definitions and descriptions do not and should not replace those of a medical professional. They are merely there to help give an idea of my situation and experiences. If you are experiencing any health issues seek medical care.}

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