7-10 Years Old: Contacts & Lens Implants

Despite wearing the glasses that made me so self concious I was very outgoing and able to make a lot of friends. Being kind always helped me in that avenue. But yes, there were times that I was teased and I never stopped longing to be rid of the glasses. So, when the opportunity arrived for me to get contacts at the tender age of 7, I didn’t hesitate to let it be known that I wanted them. I wasn’t able to put them in on my own at the time, especially since they were clear and without glasses I couldn’t see a thing. It was a pain in the butt to do everyday, but I welcomed it. I loved them more than anything. Finally knowing what it was like to be “normal” made it even harder for me to be seen in them. I stopped going on the school swimming trips, and I was afraid to have new friends sleepover because of night time when I’d have to switch them out for my glasses. My friends were always really good with them. None of them seemed to ever really even notice and if they did they did a good job of keeping it to themselves.
Three years with the contacts we seen a report on the news about these top of the line lens implants that were being given to cataract patients to replace their damaged ones. I almost swallowed my heart! Could I be a candidate for this? I didn’t have cataracts but it was basically the same thing. Turns out, yes, I was. At first we were told nothing could be done for my eyes until I had finished growing. But for some reason or another they decided I would be a fine candidate -at ten- for what is known as Intraocular Lens Implants.
After a month or two of decision making and prepping on my opthamologist’s end I was off to Children’s Hospital again. The surgeries were booked one week apart and just as they had 6 years ago they both went well. There was a minimum amount of pain and my vision cleared up fast. I recieved Conventional IOLs which are the most commonly implanted and basic IOLs. Although, they did something I’m told is not all that common when it comes to implants. They implanted a far-sighted lens in my right eye and a near-sighted lens in my left eye. They were hoping this would help me to read as well as with seeing distance and it ended up being a very good decision. This was the first time in my entire life that I was actually seeing out of my own eyes and it was incredible. No glasses, no contacts, just my eyes. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had and it is a feeling that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 
(I am not a doctor and the medical definitions and descriptions do not and should not replace those of a medical professional. They are merely there to help give an idea of my situation and experiences. If you are experiencing any health issues seek proffesional medical care.}

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